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The Turkish Delight

I have never considered myself an inovative fly dresser, I have stuck ridgidly to the dressing of the classics because I feel that there are so many techniques to learn from their construction. However, now and again I do create a fly. This particular fly is not unusual except for the body material. It is from Turkish Angora cat by the name of George; and what a sweetie he is too; lovely nature, easy going except for a whinge or to now and again (but for this we can forgive him). Just had to use some of his hair.

It terms of fly dressing material, it was some of the finest (quality wise) dubbing I have ever used; had to shorten the staple (length of individual fibres) a little to get it to perform but the end result was just lovely. Named it the Turkish Delight, great name for a great chocolate bar, really enjoyed dressing this one, I am sure that George will be delighted (no pun intended!)


It is always difficult to critique an innovative fly, I was very pleased with the outcome, the wing is lovely the body a contrast to the rest of the fly (thanks George!!) and the head, oh boy, does it get any better, you tell me.



  1. Lovely fly, my friend! It’s nice to see that you use your gift to make your own patterns and not tie only old ones. Love the colors!

  2. Hi Paul

    As the owner of George, he is very pleased that the fur from his daily grooming sessions is being put to good use. Yes he is the kindest, sweet natured little cat and i just adore the fly..Thank you so much Paul x

  3. Paul, I often use the fur from my fawn saluki bitch as a dubbing material – it is one of the easiest to dub and best that I use! More importantly, it catches fish…

  4. wheres me fish bag winston have a goodun

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