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The new salmon fishing season is almost upon us. Flies are now being dressed for the beginning of the festivities on the river Tay. Just dressed 10 Willie Gunns but always have the dilemma of how to mix the Bucktail. To overcome this I have used several methods varying the quantities of orange, yellow and black; all bodies on the copper tubes are gold Myler tube and they look quite effective. The fly above is a Waddington shank Gold bodied Willie Gunn, I’m not quite sure if the colour sequence is to my liking, but hey its one that could be used.

About to start on the Monkey pattern on lighter tubes and then some patterns on my favourite tubes, the silver half inch ones from Loop. The 550 grain Skagit will dispatch these across the river with noo problems at all even with the 15 ft tungsten tip attached !!

Waxy threads



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