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In anticipation of the new season

As the saying goes, the sense of anticipation unlike other things in fishing, never lets you down. With the floods behind us, the new season is nearly upon us for fishing on Bassenthwaite and particularly Pike on the fly. The anticipation is made even better in the knowledge that I will be introducing a good friend to the fine art of Pike on the fly this year, my what a surprise she going to get fishing for these green and gold beauties. They are a worthy quarry on any tackle but especially on the fly, and it all starts today tying Pike flies in the snowy North East of the country.

The Popper in the fishes mouth above was dressed by Chris Helm entirely from deer hair and you would be surprised the amount of water this popper displaces. Dressed on a barbless hook and with a few sharp pulls it was engulfed on the second cast (many thanks Chris).

The trolling reels on the right of the boat are the ABU 3000 and a custom made ABU reel from Japan in red and 24ct gold, the stuff that boyhood dreams are made of. My tip is not to neglect trolling when moving from one place to another, it is a skillful method in catching Pike on the lure and one that requires a great deal of knowledge of a successful outcome, trust me, many thousands of Pike on Bassenthwaite tell me this is true.

Tight Lines for the new year



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