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The ABU 5500

There is no doubt that in the world of ABU, the 1970’s were the golden years for ABU. On the banks of the Mörrum River, the Swedish firm of ABU produced the finest reels the world had ever seen. It was the period in which models, especially the 5000 series went through may colour changes,  with the rare champagne gold 5000D and 5500 being the most highly sought after today by collectors. The reel pictured above is the ABU 5500 with power handle (also produced with a counter balance handle as well) epitomises what ABU was all about. This reel is in almost mint condition (made in 1978) and I use it on Bassenthwaite Lake for spinning and trolling for Pike.  A real pleasure to use and also, look at (and that is important!) this reel stands head and shoulders above other reels in the 5500 series. The 5500 models were unusual in that the ball bearing 5500C (in ABU terms, the ‘C’ denoting that the reel has ball bearings; that is of course except for the 1500) was produced before the 5500 bronze bushing model.

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