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When things (especially people) get you down one can find solace in remembering a red letter fishing day. Yesterday was a day for recollection. The picture above of Bassenthwaite Lake (the only “Lake” in the Lake District) was such a day. Setting sail at 6:00 am on a September morning, a gentle breeze, mild and just the Lake for company, I headed to favourite place for September. Lilly pads and a couple of sunken trees indicated that I had reached the intended destination. Armed with an 8.5 foot spinning rod and an ABU 4600C reel, I made the first cast. Half asleep, the rod was nearly pulled out of my hand and a 10lb Pike was cavorting on the other end. The lure, a Rapala X-rap in black and gold was firmly attached to the left hand side of the Pike’s jaw. Changing from X –Raps to Heddon Lucky 13’s for surface fishing around the Lilly pads, I had by 10:00 am landed 17 Pike and lost 10 others; the greatest start to a day in 30 years of fishing on the Lake. When I passed another boat, they had only landed one fish, even better! Continuing throughout the day, visiting other known hot spots, the day finished on 28 Pike all in the 5-10lb bracket, most of the others on the Lucky 13; an odd fish was taken on the troll. This was the best total I had taken from the lake. These trips are never forgotten and however down one gets, recalling such a day is comforting to the soul. Just a shame I couldn’t have shared it with someone. Tight Lines Paul


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