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Two little gems from Ladiesfishing …..

There is nothing more satisfying than teaching a newcomer (I prefer newcomer to beginner) into the art of fly dressing. I call it an art because to dress flies well from the off, requires an inbuilt proficient skill level from the dresser. The flies pictured above were the first tube flies ever dressed by Anne from Ladiesfishing and my, what lovely examples these are too. How many could only dream of producing heads on flies like these; small, lovely shape, tapered to the front with a nice varnished finish.  So why were they so good? I was spellbound by the concentration on Anne’s face tying these flies, the way thread turns were put on then off, use of well waxed thread and time, time was irrelevant (an important part in honing ones skills) and an infinitesimally small amount help from the tutor.

It just shows that the newcomer to the art can produce lovely flies with a little guidance. I am proud to disseminate my skills for others when I look at these flies.

 I will confess that the heads on these flies were far better than mine (Ouch!!), so Paul its back to the drawing board for you!! But I will say without any hesitation, I would have been proud to have produced flies like these.

 Good on you Ladiesfishing you are now expanding your skills in other areas of fishing, the sky is the limit.

Waxy threads




  1. Thank you for your comments, to have someone sitting next to me that has such high standards, demands concentration, patience and above all time. Yes we enjoy tying our own flies at ladies fishing, and the satisfaction of tying a nice neat fly with the ultimate master of neat heads your compliment is one that i am going to savour. Hugs x

  2. Those flies are breathtaking. Incredible these were a first attempt at tubes. I can only dream of heads like that. Congratulations

  3. Stunning flies Anne, well done.
    (i could do with a box full)

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