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Happy Lechlade anglers …….

Well, returned from Lechlade after two great days fishing. The first day was cool but sunny, perfect for hunting the large fish that inhabit its waters. Armed with a 9ft Sage SP 7 wt and an Airflo SSI forty plus line I attached a large black lure with a fluorescent green bead. A slow figure of eight was the correct retrieve. After losing a couple of fish, I was connected with the fish pictured above a great fight and superb condition, this fish weighed in at 12.25 lbs. Greame, one of my fishing friends landed the tiddler on the right at 9lbs. He is one of those fishermen, a great friend and great fisherman, that if your life depended on catching a fish, he would be the man to do it. A great time was had by all, cant wait for next January to return to Lechlade.

Tight Lines




  1. hey, I love fishing too…
    nice catch..

  2. Graeme (with the tiddler) here. Who bagged up on both days then I wonder………….emmmmhhhhh That wouldn’t be you would it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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