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The Lady Caroline (Fishing version)

Sometimes a dull fly is called for in  on the river and this fly fits the bill. A classic fly like the Lady Caroline can be adjusted to make a good fishing fly as well as one destined for a glass case. Dressed on a Bartleet single (Size 2) it has all the components as in the original except that a rib has been omitted and the hackle used is much smaller. Room has been left at the head of the fly for the Turle knot and well waxed thread has been used for constructing the head. For safety in a fishing fly, one can use a small amount of thin varnish soaked into the waste ends of the bronze mallard. Note, the characteristic wing shape advocated by Pryce-Tannatt, “Like the keel of an up turned racing boat” has been retaned in the fly. Remember, keep these feathers in a box after washing and steaming to keep their curvature.


Tight lines




  1. That is an excellent fly, Paul! Inspired to try one myself.

  2. paul can we tie one of these at our next fly tying session please x

  3. Very nice tie. Well proportioned and neatly done.


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