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The Dawn of a New Day ……

There is nothing more exciting than when life changes for the better unexpectedly. Sometimes you think life is becoming too much of a routine but then out of the blue something wonderful happens, routines are thrown out of the window, new challenges and friendships come to the fore. This is the dawn of a new day for me just like dawn on Bassenthwaite above and believe you me, life just doesn’t get any better. Couldn’t resist leaving the shot of the oar blade in the photo, all my fishing on the lake is by rowing. A gentle ripple with the sun peaking out over Dodd set the scene for the day pictured above. It was a day in July which ended with a nice bag of Pike to the lure and the fly; couldn’t think of a better place to be. Sharing a days fishing with a good friend is a great way to fish, ideas are swapped, fishing tips are given but most of all camaraderie while on the water is the essential part of having a great day. One particular day I remember with great fondness was with my life long fishing friend Timothy. Fishing in shallow water with surface poppers (his was a home made Lucky 13 in fluorescent orange) mine was a red head Heddon Lucky 13. Tim’s lure was coming sweetly across the top making a nice ripple when a descent Pike had a go at the lure. It missed completely. Now we always said that if a fish missed the lure the other man in the boat should have a go at it; different retrieve would probably invoke a response. Sure enough my lure invoked that response but was also rejected. Letting the lure rest for a few seconds I made two sharp tugs on the rod tip and a 14lb Pike was cart wheeling around with the Luck 13 in its jaws. This was a great capture and good fishing by both anglers. Tim shook my hand and said, “great fishing buddy”.

Now that’s what fishing and camaraderie is all about!

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