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The Brown and Red Rats

The Rat (Roy Angus Thompson) series of flies are unusual in that the wings on all flies are composed of Grey Fox body hair and not that from the tails. Foe me, the sweet spot on the pelt is that down the middle, giving the greater contrast in the markings. I have been accused of dressing the wings too heavily and in fairness the original dressing I think calls for sparse wings. I just like the look of a heavier wing. At the tie in point, the hair is quite incompressible and hence the use of waxed tying thread is essential if the hackle when wound, stays side by side as it progresses towards the head of the fly. As you will see on the flies above, the ribs are not quite evenly spaced, this can be a result of making an uneven dubbing body. That is to say, some of the dubbing rope was wound tighter than other parts. I also prefer the choice of small Jungle cock feathers on the outside of the hackle, again I am sure that the original dressings specify small feathers.

Waxy threads



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  1. Hi Paul,Excellent work. Met you at Somerset 2 years ago. You gave me several flies.SWO now you are into our Rats.Enjoy

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