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Tippet Grubs from Kelson and Hale

George Mortimer Kelson stated “every classic salmon fly should have a grub …”. These two are the Tippet Grubs, unusual in that the hackles are formed from the tippets of the Golden Pheasant.  The trick is that two tippets are used for each hackle. the first is secured on the front of the hook shank and wound, the second is attached on the opposite of the hook shank  and wound.

The reason for this is there are noy enough fibres on a tippet to give an even distribution of length around the shank two get over this problem. The tinsel head is constructed by winding the tinsel from the eye to the hackle on a well waxed thread base. This will prevent gaps in the turns of tinsel. A coat of varnish makes the head look really good.

Waxy threads



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