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All in the melting pot …….

The use of tying wax in fly dressing is something that has become increasingly popular these days. I have found it invaluable especially for forming the heads on trout flies (spiders in particular when using Pearsall’s silk, it means that only two turns of thread are needed to form the head).  Its biggest advantage is in forming the heads on classic salmon flies when forming a plain head or a herl head. The mix above is how it all begins,  Rosin, Bees wax and Castor oil being the only ingredients. Oh and by the way a silicone baking tray id essential in getting the wax tablets out. If you try a non-stick metal tray, make sure that you have a hammer and are wearing a hard hat to remove the wax tablets .

It’s easier than making cakes ……..

Waxy threads, Paul



  1. nice of paul to tell us what goes in to the wax, could he give us how much of each ingredient goes in to the mix.

  2. Hey lad when you going to put some new things on. absolutley great. Perhaps you are out on the water? Still to chilly here.


  3. Still waiting for the receipt Master Yoda!

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