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A day shared is a great days fishing …….


With a north east wind blowing it was a cold start to the new season. Experience told me that trolling would be the order of the day. I was right. Some may find this method of fishing boring but an intimate knowledge of the lake is gained using this method, and it is highly effective in these conditions.

A welcome addition, a Perch on the CFR fly ….

A 10 am start was unusually late, but as it happened it turned out to be perfect. When your boat partner has never fished for Pike before, there is always a sense of trepidation as to whether they will catch fish. I should not have worried. Fascinated by the Simon Shimomura custom made gold Ambassadeurs, Anne soon got into the swing.

Fish on, just look at that reel …….

It was not long before she took over the oars (at her insistence) and was rowing like a seasoned campaigner.

My turn on the oars …..

The end tackle consisted of two small Rapalas with a tube fly 3 ft above the lure. Long lines of approximately 120 yards were used as the trolling commenced. Would the lake have changed much after the floods last year I wondered, not a lot, if any was the answer. The first take in Church Bay, the 3lb Pike was very welcome.

First Pike ever ….

The next in Bowness bay of 3.5 lbs meant the day was well under way. Several unsuccessful attempts at spinning in various bays put us back on the troll. Two seven pound fish and one 5lb fish, one on a fly designed for Casting for Recovery made the total up to 5. As the day came to an end, cooler weather meant that the fish were harder to catch. However, the last fish of the day again to the small Rapala was to be our and Anne’s first double figure Pike. A good fight off Blackstock point produced a 10lb fish.

It just doesn’t get any better …

A great end to the day; a day shared with a good fishing companion is a great days fishing. Just look at the expression on Anne’s face, it says it all!

Tight Lines



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