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The Fish Quays …. 

Well it was a busy weekend; 600 mile round trip to the Sportfish open day, another day dressing flies for Casting for Recovery (CFR) and framing a set of flies dressed by young Dylan Hooley of Fly Only. The Ladies from Ladiesfishing were engaged in tying salmon flies on Partridge gold hooks, and a good effort they made of it as well. The day was complete with a nice steak (in a hot spicy tomato sauce, just yummy) at the Italian, Sambuca’s on the Fish Quays; best steaks in town!

Really enjoyed the Sportfish day, met lots of old friends, watched a classy casting demonstration by Simon Gawsworth and saw a few flies being dressed (unusual for me to be on the other side of the tying bench).


A nice Blue on the damsel ….

On the way home from Fly Only in Huddersfield stopped off at a local syndicate water where I put the Sage XP (best range ever, some would say and I would agree with that) four weight and a Guideline presentation line (a great line by the way) into action. A green headed Viva (someone’s got to fish them) in a flat calm was the order of the day. After a couple of chances, the rod buckled and a lovely 2lb Rainbow was cavorting around. Nice fish, good fight and returned safely to the water. A change of fly to a google eyed damsel and it wasn’t long before a 2.5lb Blue trout was also brought to the net. Note the reel, a Lamson, only the best will do ….


Three of a kind ….

Could resist the picture of the three Oyster catchers eggs; bless them, the crows usually get them before they hatch but they do try each year to get a brood.

Off to Aberdeen this weekend fishing the Deveron with two good friends, then a trout fly workshop on the Sunday. Winged wet flies will be prominent in this course; a forgotten art in fly dressing.

 Tight lines



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  1. You’ve done it once more! Incredible article.

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