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Nice view of the Deveron …

Just had a good weekend, returned from sunny Aberdeen giving a trout fly dressing workshop and fishing the Deveron. Had a great two days with good friends Kevin Muir and Buchan Chesney, The weather was bright but cold with only a sparse and spasmodic hatch of Large Dark Olives. The river was stuffed with salmon parr.  I fished the XP 4 wt with a guideline presentation line (such a sweet combination).

Size doesnt matter (look at the size of the thumb !)…..

Most of the fish came to spiders and woven Baetis nymphs. Saw one salmon two pools below the railway bridge, fished over it with a small thunder stoat without success. What a delightful river the Deveron is; not wide but lots of nice pools, I particularly like the junction pool of the Deveron and the Isla. The workshop on Sunday consisted of 8 participants with the usual enthusiasm, all patterns bar one were classics; the remit was that winged wet flies were to be included; the Silver Invicta was the selected wet and after 4 attempts to get the wing right, the final product looked nice. Also dressed a traditional Red Tag which also came out quite well. Pictures of the demonstration flies will follow shortly.

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