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Just a nice place to be …. 

I was very fortunate that a kind friend of mine Cliff gave me a Sonik SK4 9 foot spinning rod. Armed with this I set sail last evening wondering how the rod would perform with a Pike attached to it. It terms of the rod I have always been a fan of the cork handle; the SK4 comes with a foam type handle, split in the middle. This I would have to get used to. Nicely finished with a rather neat down locking reel seat which was in fact the upper part of the handle, the rod is nicely finished. Fishing predominantly with multiplying reels (pre 1980 ABU classics of course) the only comment I would make is that I would have preferred the lower part of the handle to have been 3 to 4 inches longer. The reel of choice last night for the SK4 was one of ABU’s real classics, the Ambassadeur 4600C, black and silver with a red thumb bar; a legend in ABU terms (the other rod was fitted with another classic, the ABU Ambassadeur 4500 in red and silver).

Trolling two small Rapalas, it wasn’t long before I had three Pike in the boat but not one on the SK4 (so disappointed). I chose to spin at a favourite location on the far side of Bassenthwaite but was not hopeful; it fishes better towards September. Armed with a Heddon Lucky 13 (Natural Frog colour), the SK4 was put into action. As with any new rod, it took a few casts to get used to; with a tip action it was just delightful to use, I knew I was gong to like this rod. Letting the Lucky 13 move tantalisingly across the surface, it wasn’t long before old Esox lucius attacked the lure. A fish of only 6 lb, the rod performed really well. With two other fish in the boat both on the SK4 the evening total was six and lost three. Not a bad evenings sport. All fish had recovered well from spawning and were in good condition.

My two other favourite Hardy rods will be retired for the time being as I purchase two additional SK4’s. These will be road tested for the rest of the season so that a complete assessment can be made. Well done Sonik, welcome to the Pike fishing world of Mr. Little, it’s tough but I am sure that you can stand the pace, only time will tell.

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