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Great reel, one of only a few ….. 

It is a great time to be on the Bassenthwaite, 05:00 in the morning; the sun still hiding behind Skiddaw. I knew the day was going to be tough, warm and humid with little breeze. Once again, trolling would be the order of the day, so armed with two of the great ABU classic reels; the 5000D Teal Blue and the Champagne Gold 5000D, two small jointed Rapalas, long lines and a smile on my face I set sail. Fishing the classic ABU reels is more than half the pleasure, they will never be made again to this standard. The only other angler on the lake was the Otter, he was munching away merrily on his catch; wonder if he had a permit! Two takes came before 5:30 and then the first fish (6lb) landed at 05:45 am in Church Bay, a good start. Progressing down the lake, with nowhere looking good for spinning, I had another take on the surface lure in very shallow water; it was only half hearted, not a surprise in the conditions.

Great lure ….


With regard to trolling, I have reverted back to the old ways which are proving very successful. With little success on the long trolls, I set two short 30 yard lines and took a favourite line with the boat; takes on the short line can be sensational the next was no disappointment. An 8lb fish fell to the lure featured above and it gave a great account of itself.


Great end result … 

Having to go by 1 o’clock, the day ended with 5 fish and lost two, not spectacular but well worth the early start. Cant wait for the next trip.

Tight lines



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  1. glad you had a nice day Paul…can’t wait to be back on the beautiful lake again..x

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