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It is sometimes difficult to choose flies that would always adorn ones fly box. On this occasion, the three dry flies in this post are a must in mine, along with the dry/emerger in the previous post. The dries chosen here; the F fly, the Seal’s fur dry and the Hopper are always in my box. Equally at home on the big reservoirs such as Graham and Rutland, there are very capable of catching fish on any still water. As oppose to the emerger, they will lie in the surface film and not below it. This can be important depending what the fish are rising for.



The F fly, a legendary dry fly is a great fly to use. Try to select CDC feathers such that the stems of the feather are not included in the wing. It looks better and there is nothing hard in the wing to make the fish reject the fly. The hook choice should be light in the wire and the CDC of good quality.


When first dressing the Hoppers and the Seal’s fur dry, the mistake was made of using a Whiting saddle and many turns was. Twisting the leader on each cast, this has been replaced in favour of a hen hackle on both. Both flies have a Seal’s fur body, the Seals fur dry having what seams to be a rough body; this is by design.


When fishing these flies, the bodies have floatant applied, which means that the flies can be used for long periods. These two in particular have taken many fish for me on the larger reservoirs especially fishing blind when the fish are in the surface layers.


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