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Day 1 …….

This was a weekend of two halves. Day 1 spent with my old college friend and Wigan Warriors supporter John Taylor and day 2, a day spent alone. Day 1 started with the big black BMW pulling up early; John was on time, an unusual event. It was wet but thankfully, not too windy, with waterproofs on we headed for the top end of the lake; fly rod, spinning rods and the trolling rods carrying two small Rapalas.


A grey start …

Using surface lures it wasn’t long before three fish had been landed and 7 others lost. I detected right from the off that the Pike were in that “half hearted” mood where they were just playing with the lures, and so it was to prove. Trolling was a big disappointment, with only one fish falling to the tube fly. However John was happy getting takes and the odd fish; just great to catch up with an old friend of 30 years, even though he did break my nose at collage and we were on the same side; it should have been the opposing standoff half.

 The highlight of the day (apart from the company) was a fish that tormented my on three occasions. We visited a small wee bed on three occasions and the fish had a go at the surface lure and took it each time; but not with any intent. On the fourth occasion, I said to John, “It’s not going to make a monkey out of me” and I cast a fly to the same place; bingo Paul’s cunning did the trick, only 5 lbs but a worthy adversary was tamd. All in all, we had 40 takes to the lure and the fly with 13 fish landed and our old foe had come out on top. Great day John, thanks for the company.

 Day 2 ….

Just could resist going back to Bassenthwaite for another go. Armed with the same tackle and two classic ambassadeurs; take careful note of the badge on this reel (foot number 731000), its upside down! Now having looked on the inside of the reel it was definitely genuine, must have been a Friday afternoon reel!


The Aussie ….

Very windy with severe gusts making fly fishing difficult, our intrepid explorer set sail. A couple of lost fish early on set the tone; a difficult day was ahead. Persevering with the fly, I had three fish to 7lbs. After a quiet spell battling with the wind, I returned to the top of the lake and used the Black and silver Lucky 13 to good effect, with four more fish in the boat, the day ended with 7 fish landed. But it was not without incident. Having not used a net or glove for almost 15 years to land Pike, the last fish had its revenge. Not played out and with three hooks on the loose, I inserted my fingers between the gill cover and the first gill raker; usually a safe bet. But bad angling on my part meant that the fish was not played out at the boat. The photograph tells the rest of the story, as the anticoagulant went to work !!!


Water Wolf revenge ….

This fish was taken at exactly the same place on the surface as the Pike with pearls in the previous blog, oh how I missed her company today, ah well there will be a next time and the fihing will be great.

Tight lines



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