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The base of the box ….

Wood turning, a familiar place. Creating a “masterpiece” from a small piece of wood “free hand” is a great place to be. This box is destined to contain the wax used in the majority of my fly dressing. Yes, I have turned many others, but this one  was bourne out of pleasure not necessity. Made from Cocobolo ( one of the few true Rosewoods) was a pleasure to make

The inside of the lid ….

The little finial  on the inside of the lid serves two purposes; one, it gets over the problem of the getting rid of pimple left from the tool and two, it creates a little surprise for the owner of the box when the lid is taken off.


Almost ready ….

The lid is mounted on the base (jam chucking) for finishing, almost ready to be taken off the lathe.

The completed box …..

The join is at the base of the two beads and  looks great. Finished with 800 grit paper and an oil finish, the end result was very pleasing.

It was great to visit a familiar place, the little shed at the top of the garden for a little wood turning therapy.

Make  plenty of shavings




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