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Where it all began …

Looking back on an angling career there is always a defining moment that molds the rest of ones direction in angling. A true angler  no matter what fish or by what method the fish was caught will be at home with an arched rod. The reel pictured above was that moment. A 6500 ABU “Red Red” as its known was the faster (retrieve rate of 4.7 : 1)  version of the ABU 6000 (3.65 : 1) and it was the first model I owned. Timothy, my long time angling friend asked why I had bought it; the answer was simple, I just wanted one (he also had one similar, the 6500 “Red Silver”) .

Where it is now ……. 6500 CDL (SS)

No regrets, and a few Ambassadeurs under the belt since then, I have played many Pike on these reels.  If I were to have my last day on this earth fishing, it would be for Pike using my beloved Ambassadeurs on Bassenthwaite.

Great memories and great times …..

Tight Lines



One Comment

  1. Hi Paul,

    Both reels are beautiful, to be given the chance to fish with both reels on Bassenthwaite is a real honour.

    My favourite from your collection is the iconic Channel looking reel…as always us ladies have to add a little bit of high end fashion.

    Hugs and huge thanks x

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