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A Cosseboom variation  …

Originally designed in 1935 by John Cosseboom, this is one of the many variations in use today.  Although simple in construction, the floss body and tag take a little work if they are to look right. We also have an advantage in that the collar hackle covers the wing butts allowing a small neat head. The tag on the fly is also used as the rib obviating the need for a second piece of tinsel to be used. The tag is formed and the end that will form the rib is kept taught buy suspending a pair of hackle pliers on the end of the tinsel. The tail is then tied in all the way along the top of the shank and the body is created using a double layer of floss. A little burnishing may be required to obtain a real smooth body. A nice webby hen hackle is just great for the collar,  Glo-bright shade 5 floss has been used for the head with clear varnish.

Have fun tying this one, I did ….



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