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Jam it on, the lid rotating at high-speed….

The perennial problem with wood turning is re-chucking and then getting the work to run true again. However accurate the chucking mechanism, when turning items that require fine tolerances (for example a small box), the process of re-chucking can leave the work slightly off centre. However there is help at hand in the simplest form, a Jam Chuck. Briefly, I turn my boxes in the following order

(i)    Turn the base, remove and mount the lid in the chuck.

(ii)   Turn the spigot (internal or external) and fit the base to the lid, i.e.

         “Jam the base  on to the lid”. This ALWAYS runs true.

(iii) Complete the base and remove.

(iv) Finish the inside of the lid (keep the sand paper away from the part

        of the piece where the two parts of the box  fit together) and then choose

        a piece of wood softer that the turned article and Jam it on.

(v) Turn and finnish the lid and hey presto, a finished box.

This system works every time for me, there may be better ways.



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