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A lovely Zebrano box ….


The other Zebrano box ….


Cocobolo, just so nice ….

Well its Christmas Eve, what better to do that while away the hours than making boxes, Christmas boxes at that. I do enjoy turning, almost as much as fly dressing. The shed was at -7 deg. Celsius this morning, but that didn’t stop out intrepid turner. Zebrano is such a striking grained wood to turn  and Cocobolo is just so lovely.

Anyway, ita back to fly dressing in the morning can’t wait ……………

Merry Xmas





  1. Great Looking Boxes as usual Paul!!
    Have a Great Christmas Ken & Ann

    • Hi Ken

      Hope you had a great Xmas, look for the latest flies on the blog, coming soon; The Three Graces.

      All the best to you and Ann for the New Year.

      See you on Monday 10th for the first Twa Dogs meeting of 2011.

      Warm regards


  2. Hi Paul, some very nice boxes, I love the Olive box you turned a few weeks ago, very crisp. The colour on the Cocobolo box you turned yesterday is amazing.

    How long does it take to turn a box like the Olive box you turned a few weeks ago?

    What finish are you appling to the boxes? How many coats?

    Love the turning pictures.


    • Hi Kevin

      The Olive box was a 2.5 Hour box. BUT, having turned a number since then, it would probably take about 1.5 to 2 hours now. The box is finished with plain old Sunflower oil, only two or three coats. I prefer a satin finish to the wood, the oil also brings out the grain. Look for the Snake wood dubbing needles coming soon.

      Warm regards

  3. Thank you so much ….as everyone loves a Christmas box!

    • Hi Jill

      Glad you liked the box and great to chat on Xmas Eve. Zebrano has striking grain and Looks well when finished with oil (Sunflower oil). It was a great project and one of my favourites, really enjoyed making the pair of them.
      Warm regards


        • Jill Farries
        • Posted December 29, 2010 at 5:46 pm
        • Permalink

        It’s looking great on our baby grand. Hope you had a nice Christmas, have a wonderful time over the New Year.

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