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Aglaia, the goddess of Splendor….

Euphrosyne, the goddess of Mirth….

Thalia, the goddess of Good Cheer….

In Greek mythology these are the three goddesses of joy, charm, and beauty. The daughters of the god Zeus and the nymph Eurynome, they were named Aglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer). The Graces presided over banquets, dances, and all other pleasurable social events, and brought joy and goodwill to both gods and mortals.

The flies are from “The Book of the Salmon” by Ephemera (Edward Fitzgibbon). All dressed on Ron Reinhold Gold Label hooks. I was quite pleased with the end results, just would like to have had the shape of Euphrosyne a little different; the jury is still out. Aglaia is the fly dressed on Christmas day and what a lovely herl head, this pleased me immensely.

I took a little liberty with Thalia in that the dressing did not call for a tag; it was added to stop the floss from feathering around the hook bend.

More on this post later, off to watch the Ashes highlights ….


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