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Just a nice day ….

Well, a nice start to the new season, a 75 mile trip to my local fishery for a couple of hours may seem a long way, but my was it worth it. Armed with a 9′ 6wt rod, floating line and the great Gold Head Damsel, I had a great time. The day was mild despite the frost on the ground and there was even a few fish rising; for what I don’t know.

This plump Rainbow of three lbs was the first of the day, and it gave a good account of itself, several runs of 10 to 15 yards made the fight very enjoyable.

This was nice cock Brown trout which made a couple of good runs before coming to the net, estimated at around 4.5 lbs.

This was the cream of the crop, a lovely 3lb Rainbow, note the bloom in the tail. the day ende at 12 noon with 9 fish landed (all returned)

What a great start to the season !

Tigt lines



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  1. where was my invite oh little one

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