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Like peas in a pod …..

They are the most simple flies to dress but that does not mean they are always easy to get right. However, with a little care and attention, the rows of flies can look like ” peas in a pod”. these spiders are all dressed with soft hen hackles for movement in the water with bodies “short in the shank”. This is my preference and is a style consideration, not a technique problem.

Be economical with thread wraps, ask the $64000 question “What is that thread wrap going to contribute to the construction of the fly?” If the answer is nothing, simply don’t add it. This is the biggest and best  kept secret in fly dressing ( I wish !!). The use of tying wax allows the dresser to minimise the wraps of thread, my advice is to use it, it works from me (thank you Marvin).

Apart from the silk in the olive and purple spiders, all have been dressed with Danvilles 6/0 and are on size 12 hooks. The Black and Peacock Spiders, a beetle imitation, have been dressed for fishing reservoirs like Cow Green. The trout although small are lightening quick, most were too quick for m last time; in those famous words of Arnie, “I’ll be back !!”

So enjoy making you flies look like peas in a pod, immense satisfaction can be had.

Waxy threads



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