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The Gold Sylph (Pryce-Tannatt) …

The plan view …

Simple salmon flies dressed well have their own unique charm. The Gold Sylph, although not complicated in construction, the command of the once fearsome Bronze Mallard is a skill worth attaining. One of a few Spey type flies with tinsel bodies, this little beauty is well worth the effort to dress. A transition topping for the tail supports the tail veiling  well giving a three dimensional effect. The “soft loop” technique is the way to tame the mallard. Choosing GP red breast feathers that are even i curvature and even on both sides of the rachis is the key. I have extended the GP throat past the yellow hackle to and a little balance to the length of the tail. And last but not least, strive for that perfect head, it gives the fly a little class. the plan view shows how the mallard should lie along the hook shank.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the fly I certainly enjoyed dressing it. Were it not for patience in  answering many awkward questions, I would not now be part of this wonderful craft. Thank you Marvin.

Merry Christmas to all my friends out there have a great day.

Warm regards




  1. What a stunning fly Paul! The master fly dresser continues to execute the techniques which perpetuate sheer perfection at the vice…!
    All the best mate…

  2. Nice one paul merry christmas

  3. Your page made my Christmas Day even a bit happier! Thank you for the beautiful post.

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