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The Logie (The Salmon Fly, G M Kelson)

Two dressings for the Logie are given in the usual texts, this one is by Kelson.  I like the claret body and also the addition of Jungle Cock cheeks. the wing in this fly is Swan, as called for in the original dressing. the head looks quite nice (we always strive for a small neat head on a fly. the hook, a Ron Reinhold and it looks great. I have dressed the body short, I like the appearance it gives. Working with Bronze Mallard is fun, in this instance, the mount worked second time (were all human after all). my preference is for the Mallard to come short of the length of the wing, a transition topping being my preferred option for the tail. Again a simple fly, but still skill needed to execute the dressing well. Were I to dress the fly again, I would look for slightly smaller and narrower cheeks.

Happy New Year to all fly dressers out there.

Warm Regards




One Comment

  1. Beautiful rendition, Paul. Not sure I would have made the J.C. any smaller myself. When you tie the next one, make a side by side photo so we may compare. All the Best from Nashville!

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