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Once in a while along comes a little gem of a reel. This ABU 5000 not an uncommon model (some would say it is an ABU 5000B, the B model meaning that it has a clicker). In mint condition it is a lovely reel. So what is special about this reel (other than the price of £80). Look at the number on the reel foot, 127100. This is a lot number (reels in the same batch will have the same foot number). The number means that the reel was made in December 1971 and has a version number of 00. This is unusual in that the ABU factory was I think closed at this time of year. Anyway, it is the lowest lot numbered 5000 that we have.

You may be thinking we need to get a life, but life would not be the same without ABU reels …….

Tight Lines (pun intended)



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