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The Furnace Brown …

The attraction of simple flies tied well (and I cannot be the judge of that) is a goal that I think fly dressers should strive for. I am striving for that goal and so far am pleased with the results. My great friend Terry Griffiths told me the he would prefer more of the body on display than in these flies. There in lies a problem, I like a broad wing and to narrow it too much would not suit me. From a fly dressing standpoint Terry has a valid point.

The Teal and Red …

The wing in this fly is not Teal but Pintail, one of the alternatives “Ed” allows in the dressing. The wing may be too broad here but I was not prepared to take it off! I am searching for the source of tapered hackles other than Schlappen, in both of these flies I used a hackle from the neck of a Metz cape but the result although pleasing is not quite tapered enough.

More work to be done Mr. Little ….

Waxy threads


One Comment

  1. Hi paul
    Like a spey fly tied with wings in the keel boat style, the body and rib of the flies will show in flashes of colour through the wing. I to like the fuller wing.
    Cheers john j

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