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The Grey Heron

(Thomas Edwin Pryce-Tannatt)

Dressed on a partridge He2 long shank 2/0, the limiting factor on this fly is the length of Bronze mallard available. I like it just short of the hook point but slightly longer than the body. Sadly, no instructions as to the length of the throat or hackle are give by PT. Pt suggests the feather from a game hen rather than a Heron hackle. Remember to keep the Mallard in a box so as to retain the curvature in the fibres, this will give the shape to the wing like Pryce-Tannatt suggests, “Spey fly wings should lie over the hook  at a very horizontal inclination, and the relation of each wing to its fellow should be that the effect produced is that of a keelless racing-boat placed upside down”. Enjoyed dressing this fly, one for my own collection and display purposes. And so to the framing …..

Waxy threads


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