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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The venue for a lovely afternoon among the Belted Galloway’s …


A 5lb winter Blue …

A lovely 6lb February Rainbow …

Having spent the best part of a day and a half sorting out the fly tying room and preparing a classic salmon fly frame, an afternoon in the sun blowing away those winter Blues was the order of the day. And hey presto, the first fish of the day, a lovely 5lb Blue trout. Although the stocking is with Triploids, this fish, in fine condition was clearly holding a lot of spawn. The Rainbow, much more sleek than the Blue was also in beautiful condition. I would like to say they were caught on dries (there was the odd fish rising) but alas, a Cats Whisker was the culprit. With half a dozen more chances, the fishing dried up about 3 pm. But I had a great day.

Tight lines



The Tippet Grub (Kelson) …

Its always good to dress a fun fly, this one is on a No. 1 Phillips of Dublin from Ron Reinhold. I have used Vernille “chenille” for the body which gives that solid appearance. The trick is to have the tippet feathers in increasing size towards the eye of the hook and it is most important to select the first tippet at the bend to have a length inside that of the hook gape; if not, the proportion of the fly will go awry. This was an ideal fly for this hook size, basically I couldn’t find a hackle for any other grub pattern.

The best tip of all (thank you Marvin) is to use two tippets at each stage, this will give enough fibres of sufficient length all the way around the hook shank; one tippet will give an unbalanced look to the fly.

Happy tying