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A bright blisteringly hot afternoon and gentle ripple on the lake, so what could be better than sitting with a 9’ 4 weight Sage XP and line fishing for trout on the dry fly; I can’t think of anything.


 Nice ripple ….

The fish were patrolling the edges of a weed bed approximately 5 to 10 yards from the edge and so a short cast was the order of the day. While others were watching the dismal performance in the World cup, the patrolling trout were sipping in my CDC suspender buzzer and then tearing off into the middle of the lake.


Favourite CDC suspender …

Casting the single CDC fly and letting it drift for a while before repositioning was the tactic, if a fish was spotted then a cast up-stream in front of the fish always produced a response. The fish were bright and hard fighting. The colour of the buzzer didn’t matter one bit; claret, black or olive, all produced the same response. 

Nice end result …


When things went a little quiet, a size 12 1x long shank Flashback Damsel quickly produced a number of takes although no fish were landed; adult Damsels in flight dictated that the nymphs would be active and hence the choice of nymph. I use the Mirage flat tinsel for this pattern, the rest of the fly being constructed of Marabou.

Tight Lines



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